Lightweight beautiful debugging tool. Quickly resolve bugs, optimize performance, and save valuable time at every stage of your project.

bash <(curl -sL xrdebug.com/bin.sh)

How it works?

xrDebug server receives variable introspection by calling helpers in your code. These debug messages gets streamed to the xrDebug web application interface to all connected peers.

No extra dependencies. Debug your code anywhere!


Feature packed

xrDebug is a language-agnostic dump debug utility. It is portable, packaged as a self-executable binary, with source code distribution. You can use it in your framework, CMS or custom application.

Feature list

  • Ephemeral, it doesn't store any persistent data
  • Signed requests (Ed25519)
  • End-to-end encryption (AES-GCM AE)
  • Filter messages by Topics and Emotes
  • Resume, Pause, Stop and Clear debug window controls
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Resume R, Pause P, Stop S and Clear C)
  • Re-name "xrDebug" session to anything you want
  • Export dump output to clipboard or as PNG image
  • Pause and resume your code execution
  • Dark / Light mode follows your system preferences
  • Portable & HTML based (save page, search, etc.)
  • Uses FiraCode font for displaying beautiful looking dumps ™
  • Open with editor links
  • Responsive user interface
  • Supports multiple peers (web interface)

PHP client features

  • Configuration via code and xr.php file
  • Dump arguments using VarDump
  • Generates dump backtrace
  • Custom inspectors
  • Handle errors and exceptions